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Session Nooooooootes!!!!

(Jerome and Skeeve are virtually a grope away from having sex on my couch... Anyways!)

Woot! My first actual journal entry! *hot game show chick hands me awesome-God door prize*

Jerome and Skeeve are over (obviously) for what's kind-of-a-sort-of-a recording session, but it's a little hot right now and we're taking kind of a break, I guess... Kinda productive. I have some material down but tonight was mostly screwing w/ effects.

(Ok no sex after all, and now they are waiting on me to finish this. Goddammit... on both parts... *cough*)

I'm trying to practice the use of session notes. I'm surprised too 'cause they can come quite handy. Seriously, I can't even count how many riffs I thought of on the the spot that were awesome was all like "Eh, I'll remember them" and the next day I draw a blank... I need to get smarter/more comfortable w/ this whole, recording studio atmosphere if the ol' Music major's gonna be worth it. It kinda suck that I've wasted this summer...

On the plus side, School starts next week. Gonna be busy as fuck this fall for I'm virtually full-time @ work *see pics for what I do... Yuuuup*... I want to be busy mostly for distraction, because if I only take a little bit at a time I'll get bored/lazy and never get around to it and fail. Plus my social life this summer was off the goddamn wall. Literally every free moment I had was w/ friends, which REALLY contributed to the lack of productivity. Lucky for me I have time, life-wise, I hope... That and the 38-hour workweeks.

HA! I might be joining a hardcore band. I was @ Taco Bell w/ Danny and Jerome and one of Danny's friends works there. Sergio's his name:

Sergio: "Hey you anybody who knows how to play bass?"
D'Aleo: "I play bass..."
S: "You any good?"
D: "Does 7 years of experience count?"
S: "Ok write down your number and we'll jam."
D: "Alright."

(... er the convo went something like that)

They have band practice this Monday @ 10 a.m.. I'm there, dude.

But for now, Conan, THEN, (hopefully) back the the recording session.

Laterrrrrragh! *initiates James Hetfield mode*

--Yeah that's right.

(for future reference, that's my sign-off line. Sooooooo get use to it.)


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Aug. 31st, 2007 09:18 am (UTC)
We wern't having dry sex, I was reminding him to buy a pregnancy test so we don't end up with little Wolfie puppies. They would totally bite, yo.
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